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Our research has shown us that both applicants and experienced carers place a high value on the quality of support given to the foster carer.  As a result:

  • We are responsive to you, our carer by being sensitive to your needs
  • We ensure there is a thorough diagnosis of what is best for the child - and for you
  • We provide a service that is responsive to your changing needs.

Once you have put yourself forward for fostering you are, of course, warmly received.

We will then take you, step by step through an application and assessment process.

If you are approved as a foster carer, we will then consider you for possible placements.

After a child is placed with you we’ll be offering you the support that you need to ensure that you are best able to meet a looked after child’s needs.

Our fostering package keeps the foster carer especially supported through the provision of:

  • Generous grants and allowances for you and the child that do not affect any state benefits
  • 24 hour social worker support
  • Training: regular and specific to your needs
  • Therapeutic support from a child psychologist
  • Annual respite, so that you can take a break
  • Support from our agency, Fostering for You, whenever you need it

Whilst fostering, things may change for you or for the child. Fostering for You will help guide you through what we expect to be a mutually rewarding experience and will be on call, for that extra bit of advice whenever you need it.

We aim to be efficient, responsive and applicant friendly which is why we always welcome your comments and feedback.

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