Young boyTypes of Placement

  • Long Term placements: Where it is formally agreed for a child to be with you for a number of years to grow up in a settled home
  • Short term or ‘bridging’ placements: For a period of anything from a few days to 2 years, where there is a plan for the child to return home or move to a long term placement or adoption
  • Respite placements:  To provide a break for a child’s parents, from overnight to a few weeks of care
  • Emergency placements: For when a child needs an alternative home as an emergency because of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Parent and Child placements: For when the looked after child is also a parent and so is placed in foster care with their own child because they still need nurturing and guidance.
  • Special needs placements: Which are for children who have some form of disability, health issue or special behavioural need click here for further information

The kinds of placement that you will have will be the best fit for your circumstances.

Many carers have enjoyed the reward of knowing that they have made a real and lasting difference in a child’s life. Fostering also provides an opportunity for you to, make full use of valuable child rearing skills, realise your own potential and earn an income in your own home.

It can be a uniquely positive and life changing career choice.

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