You want to become a foster carer?

Just contact us by telephone or email or request a call back and we’ll guide you through the following steps to become a foster carer if it is right for you:

1. We will take some basic information from you over the telephone  to ensure that you meet the essential criteria to be a carer.

2. We will visit you at home to discuss your desire to become a foster carer and tell you a bit more about fostering with us so that we can both be sure that it is right for you. We will also look at your accommodation during this visit to check that it is suitable for fostering.

3. We will invite you to submit a completed application form to be assessed as a foster carer if you meet the criteria.
4. Once we have received your application we will carry out your fostering assessment which will entail compiling your assessment report and carrying out statutory checks e.g. A Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure, Personal references and a check with the local authority where you reside.

5. While your assessment report is being compiled you will complete the fostering preparation course provided by  Fostering for You.

6. Your fostering assessment will be presented at our fostering panel which you will be invited to attend. The fostering panel will make a recommendation regarding whether or not you should be approved as a foster carer, including what types of children should be placed with you.

7. Our Decision Maker will make the decision about whether you should be approved as a foster carer including what types of children should be placed with you. You will be given 28 days notice of this decision.

8. If the decision maker has decided that you should be approved then you become an approved foster carer for Fostering for You.

We are currently aiming to complete all of the above steps within 4 months and you can be confident that you will receive a sensitive, efficient and friendly service.

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