Fostering Allowance

Our foster carers’ allowances and support

Fostering for You pays generous fostering allowances of up to £650 per child per week depending upon the needs of the child and the type of care that is required. The allowance allows you to meet the practical needs of the child and to be remunerated for your household expenditure and carrying out the fostering tasks.

In addition each carer receives two weeks holiday allowance per year of fostering and other benefits. Your holiday allowance will allow for you to take well earned breaks if you need to or to add to your overall allowance for the year.

Other allowances and practical support

To assist you in meeting all of the diverse practical needs of a child you will receive other allowances; for example clothing allowances when a child is first placed with you and additional financial support for leisure activities during the summer holidays.

As one of our foster carers you will be able to draw upon the excellent practical support that is available; this includes help with transport, child care and equipment.

We are flexible

At Fostering for You we take pride in the extensive range of support that is available for our foster carers as standard. However we know that each carer’s circumstances are unique and that often it is necessary to tailor packages of support to reflect this. Therefore we will always be flexible and sensitive to your individual needs with the financial and practical support that we will give you.

Please contact us to have a chat if you would like to know more about the allowances and support that we offer.

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