Support & Training

We Support our Carers

Promoting the stability of children’s placements made with Fostering for You is a key objective for our service and we do this by means of the following:

  • Enhanced and advanced, quality training for foster carers that includes therapeutic skills and models that will greatly enhance your skills, knowledge and effectiveness.
  • Therapeutic support for our foster placements from our child therapy and consultancy service. This will support you with strategies, techniques and understanding to address children’s emotional needs and behaviours
  • Highly responsive professional support for foster carers that entails professional guidance from our social workers
  • Our team of child mentors who support engagement with young people in working through sometimes challenging issues
  • Practical support from our support worker team who can help with child care cover or transport etc
  • Careful matching of children with foster carers to ensure that our carers feel best able to meet the needs of the children placed with them
  • Annual respite, so that you can take a break if you need to
  • Round the Clock availability of our fostering team to support you whenever you need it
  • Generous and competitive fostering allowances

Whilst fostering, things may change for you or for the child. Fostering for You will help guide you through what we expect to be a mutually rewarding experience and will be on call, for that extra bit of advice or support whenever you need it.

Many carers have enjoyed the reward of knowing that they have made a real and lasting difference in a child’s life. Fostering also provides an opportunity for you to, make full use of valuable child rearing skills, realise your own potential and earn an income in your own home.

It can be a uniquely positive and life changing career choice.

Thinking of fostering with us?